A Healthy Indulgence!
Popins Flavors
  1. Popins Details
    Popins Details
    All of our Popins are vegan. Cashew Fudge, Hazel, Mayan Chocolate and Mint Patti are Paleo. All of our popins flavors may be special ordered gluten free. This would be a special request item and a small additional fee would apply. Popins are made in a kitchen with nuts and oats. Popins will maintain its quality of texture and flavor for the following durations: On Counter: 6 days Refrigerated: 12 days Frozen: 1 month
  2. Popins
    We are always playing in our kitchen creating new flavors. Popins flavors that are currently available: Amaretto *Autumn Spice Black Licorice Cashew Fudge Chewy Oatmeal Cinnamon Dark Citrus *Eggnog *Gingersnap Hazel Mayan Cholcolate Mint Patti Lemon Orange Slice Peanut Butter Sandie *Seasonal
  3. Lemon Pop-Ins
    Lemon Pop-Ins
    If you like Lemon Drop candy, then you will love Lemon Pop-Ins! These Pop-Ins are made with dates, oats, raisins, lemon extract and just a dash of sea salt.
  4. Nut Based Pop-Ins
    Nut Based Pop-Ins
    Decadence at it's finest with our Brownie Pop-Ins. Our most popular flavor with a walnut base. The Amaretto Pop-Ins boast a bold almond flavor. The pecan base and mix of spices make our Ginger Snap pop with flavor.
  5. The many ways to enjoy Popins
    The many ways to enjoy Popins
    There are many ways to enjoy this healthy indulgence: * Right from the bag for instant gratification. * Microwaved for a warm chewy texture. * Baked at 325` F for 8 minutes for a cookie like texture. * Refrigerated for a refreshing blast of flavor. *Frozen for a great cold treat on a hot day.
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