A Healthy Indulgence!

An all-natural Confection

The many ways to enjoy Popins:

*Right from the bag for instant gratification.

*Microwaved for a warm chewy texture.

*Bakes at 325 for 8 minutes for a cookie like texture.

*Refrigerated for a refreshing blast of flavor.

*Frozen for a great cold treat on a hot day. 
Popins Details

No added Sugars * No Preservatives
No Wheat Flours * Non GMO 

All of our Popins are Vegan
Cashew Fundge, Hazel, Mayan Chocolate and Mint Patti are Paleo

Popins will maintain its quality of textue and flavor for the following durations:
On Counter: 5 days
Refrigerated: 10 days
Frozen: 1 month

Many Popins flavors can be brought back to life after the expiration date:
Pop them into the microwave for 10 seconds. Enjoy

   ​​ We are always playing in our kitchen creating new flavors.

Popins flavors that are currently available:

          Amaretto                  *Gingersnap
         *Autumn Spice         Hazel
         Black Licorice           Lemon  
         Cashew Fudge         Mayan Chocolate
         Chewy Oatmeal      Mint Patti             
         Cinnamon                   Orange Slice
          Dark Citrus               Peanut Butter

          *Egg Nog                     PB Banana


 Popin Covered Apples
Available in all the Popins flavors